Our partners offer our clients sector benchmarks, provide immediate acess to relevant industry networks and are aware of the critical success factors within the specific industry sectors.

We always offer our clients the best possible combination of competences + commitment resulting in clear results for our clients.


The understanding and knowledge of our clients' business sector and their competitive environment in combination with our entrepreneurial spirit form cayla group's key success factors.

innovation: powerful combination of analytical and methodological know-how with sector and managerial expertise allows us to solve complex problems.


expertise: our most important asset next to our own team of partners is the knowledge and resources of highly motivated and experienced cayla professionals.


experience: proven competencies readily applicable to our clients’ businesses.


speed: the competencies of our own team as well as our professionals can be made available within 24 hours and will deliver results fast.


track record: many successfully executed projects focused on increasing overall profitability and shareholder value.


commitment: cayla group’s commitment + partnership lead to sustainable and long lasting client relationships.


reliability: cayla group is a well established consulting group with a proven track record of more than 20 years.