The world is transforming and changing at an ever increasing pace therefor business principles must be clear, consistent, understandable and recognisable over time.

business principles of cayla group:

  1. All business must be conducted in a fair + transparent way.
  2. Assignments - entrusted to cayla group - will be executed with total commitment + competence.
  3. The desire to deliver the highest possible quality + results for our clients is our driving force.
  4. The client’s best interest is our only focus and motivation.
  5. We strive to minimise the costs and to maximise the results for our clients.



To be the preferred consulting partner for industrial + trading companies and financial investors desiring a long term + interactive relationship enhancing the value + performance of their company or investments.

mission statement


To serve medium to larger size companies in situations of change by offering a comprehensive set of tailor made business solutions through a unique combination of total commitment, professional competence and proven consulting tools + systems to deliver clear + measurable results.