The analysis of a company’s problem(s) is only a means to an end rather than a goal. We strive to solve problems in one seamless flow from the identification of the problems by developing measures and carefully, but decisively executing these measures aiming only at lasting results.


The focus and situation of any assignment have a large influence on the composition of cayla group's team of consultants and professionals. We establish teams with the best possible combination of skills to get the specific job done fast and to achieve the results our clients really need. Initially our consultants possessing strong analytical skills assess the situation of and the status a company finds itself in, whereas during the next phase our more problem solving oriented partners and/or cayla professional assume a dominating role to swiftly implement necessary changes.


Experience has demonstrated that personal and informal contacts offer far more in-depth knowledge and generate more pragmatic solutions than plain desk or database research by consultants.
As a consequence we almost always add industry professionals to our project teams to ensure invaluable access to information of our industry sector networks during all project phases.

The benefits for our clients include, but are not limited to:


>>   accelerating business development

>>   improving operational efficiencies

>>   maximising profitability and value

>>   rapid market penetration

>>   improved utilisation of available resources

>>   global sourcing + supply chain enhancement

>>   harmonisation of sales, marketing and operating strategies

>>   focus on core competencies

>>   regional focus + global reach
>>   efficient corporate finance + strategic transactions