cayla consulting group >> enhancing value + performance

cayla group provides innovative, concise and results-oriented corporate finance, consulting and management solutions to medium sized and larger companies.


We focus on enhancing the value + performance (of the companies) of our clients by adding our competences, full commitment and creativity to the internal resources of our clients, which are always utilised in cayla group’s projects. We prefer to mobilise + improve the effectiveness of available internal resources rather than to replace these resources with outside help unless this is absolutely necessary and critical for the specific project.
Since cayla consulting group was founded in 2001 in München, Germany further cayla offices were established in Andorra, Dubai, Egypt, France, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States of America.

We chose the name "Cayla" which originates from the ancient Celtic and Persian languages for our company, because of its clear and concise meaning.


In the Celtic language "Cayla" portrays openness, honesty, directness and transparency. These are fundamental qualities and values cayla group wishes to convey + use towards its clients and all other business partners.


cayla group differs from other consulting companies by the comprehensive + in-depth understanding of the industry sector(s) in which our clients are active. We aim to be “the guarantee for success” for our clients.


cayla group's team is composed exclusively of partners with extensive managerial experience in situations requiring changes and improvements. This experience includes relevant industry sector experience as well as the ability to add value to organisations through managerial excellence.