>>   restructuring + turnaround


cayla group mainly works for larger multinationals, private equity companies, venture capital groups, other financial institutions and larger to medium sized companies.

These companies or the companies owned by our clients request our support in various situations of difficulties ranging from dissatisfaction with operational performance to situations close to insolvency.


Time is a factor at least as critical as the skills available for the execution of these projects. Especially our ability to bring-in complete teams within the shortest possible time makes us a suitable and preferred partner. We can support clients with teams of consultants and industry experts from our own group within 24 hours. 

>>   market entry support & business development


This service is executed mostly for (larger) multinational and larger to medium sized companies.

The clients are either European companies aiming to enter new markets within Europe or American companies wishing to get established in Europe or in selected European markets, but also Asian companies.


The skills + experience of cayla group and the cayla professionals offer a unique platform for entering a market with invaluable in-depth market knowledge + expertise, also offering a much reduced risk and costs.